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Frequently Asked Questions

Straight away… We understand the importance of getting your products to market fast, speed is everything so unlike large cumbersome corporations we have the ability to take action on your enquiry right away. Our aim is to send you a quotation of response within 24hrs of receiving your enquiry!

What is the minimum order quantity

Every project is different and the minimum order quantity is dependent on a range of factors; how standardised is your product and whether we have stock. Will we need to purchase a new mould or equipment to produce your order. What your budget is for the order and how price sensitive the product is with increases and decreases in quantity. 

We encourage our customers to order full container loads if they have a particularly low price target as this is a great way to significantly drive price down for you. However, we have also produced very small quantities of products for customers and can arrange shippment by LCL or air freight. 

What if the exchange rate fluctuates after I’ve placed my order

We will agree on a price based on the current exchange rate at the time of your order. We provide you with an invoice showing the agreed exchange rate and we will stick to this no matter how the rate fluctuates before receiving your goods. 

Do we have to order full container loads

When will you start working on my enquiry

How long will it take to get my order

On average production will take between 20-35 days and shipping the completed products will add another 30 days giving an approximate lead time of 60 days (door-to-door). However, please remember that this timescale is just a basic guide and the turnaround time could be much quicker in certain scenarios. 

How can I track my order’s progress

One of our friendly team members will provide you with regular order updates to keep you up to speed with how your order is progressing and you will always have a person to talk to who is responsible for your product.

We offer a fully integrated service and will take care of shipping and customs once the products are finished anywhere in the world. However, if you would prefer to do this yourself we can also sell you the products on CIF terms.

Where will my order be produced

The main sources of H&I's products are China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam. However, we do work with other trusted suppliers across the world.

Who arranges shipping and customs clearance once production is complete

If you have any other questions specific to your project please get in touch by clicking below:

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