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Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the design and specification process of your product. We will discuss all your requirements in detail, conduct some research and draft product related designs for you if it is deemed necessary. Throughout this process we will suggest ideas and solutions based on our past experience to ensure your product is a success. Once we have the product details required we’ll promptly provide you with a free quotation and samples.

Where should you get the products manufactured? How can you be sure of the quality? Will the language barrier cause miscommunication and confusion? These are just a few questions you would need to consider sourcing your own products globally. Fortunately, we have built long term relationships with trusted factories across the world enabling us to select the most fitting factory for your product requirements. The main sources of H&I's products are China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam. We are in contact with our suppliers on a daily basis and maintain a relationship with suppliers from other countries in order to constantly monitor the world markets for new products, quality, innovation and prices in order to maintain a constant informed market presence.

Design & Specification


Our Services

With decades of overseas manufacturing experience and specialist skills in sewing, metal working, woodworking, final assembly and packing we have the capabilities to produce your order to the exact specifications required. We’ll communicate with you throughout the production process to keep you fully up-to-date with the progress of your order, but rest assured all the factories we work with have highly skilled staff and up-to-date machinery enabling us to produce high volumes and sustain a low overhead base allowing us to provide you with very competitive prices.



With experience of importing products for decades we have developed a fully integrated service that includes arranging the transportation of your completed products from the factory all the way to your door. We will take care of all the logistics and overcome any challenges or risks of shipping and importing products so you don’t need to.  

We have our own offices and staff in China who are dedicated to quality control and continuous improvement within the production process. All batches of products will be inspected to ensure they are of correct quality before being packed and shipped. We will also adhere to product safety standards and provide you with certification when necessary. 

We understand the significance of cashflow when running a small to medium sized business which is why we offer our customers favourable payment terms. This is just one of many reasons why our customers remain loyal and return to us for their manufacturing needs.

Quality Control


Storage Space

We have our own dedicated warehousing both in the UK and Far East. If required our friendly and professional employees can help organise inexpensive storage for our customers. We are very flexible and will keep deliveries safe and secure until you are ready to collect or alternatively we will arrange delivery to you. 

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